3 Months Later...

It would appear that I said I'd write another post about my 'overall Erasmus experience', but I think we can all see that I didn't. And to be perfectly honest, it's been so long since I got back that all I can remember is eating excessive amounts, barely any rain, lots of sun, swimming, incredibly cheap rent which included bills, and complaining about my workload which is absolutely nothing on this year (did someone say dissertation...?). Put simply, take me back right now.

I instagrammed a picture of me working but I took it at this angle
and put a filter on it because I'm moody and deep.

I don't really know what to say here. I was expecting to continue writing about university and its differences with Spain (and of course there are a few) but it's blindingly obvious that I haven't. So... I think I might as well start now. 3 months late... At least I'm consistent in my terrible time management skills.

My Year Abroad Grades:
I think I just about scraped a 2:1. The end of year marks aren't averaged out into a grade in second year, but you can all go away if you think I'm showing the actual awful grades I did get, however, if you average the marks out, I think I get about 59.8/100, which, when rounded up, is just a 2:1. And I'm accepting that. I don't know how I'm doing this year as yet, although I'm desperately hoping it's slightly more than a 59.

What are you studying now?
I'm studying the Victorian Poetry and Culture and Imperialism modules this year. I'm equally writing a dissertation on South Asian women in literature. To be honest, I'm actually meant to be writing an essay right now for Victorian Poetry...

Has your time in Zaragoza influenced your work in England?
Definitely. I wouldn't be studying Culture and Imperialism or be writing my dissertation on the subject I've chosen if it wasn't because of Otras Literaturas at Zaragoza - I'd never studied literatures from other countries before that, and it was almost an overview of the most prominent postcolonial literature (from India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand) and the various reasons behind it. It gave a really good springboard to learn more about the colonial process and its outcomes. Equally, I actively didn't choose the Modernism module because there's only so much Modernist writing that a person can study in their lives. Not again. Never again.

How does Zaragoza compare to England?
Ormskirk is cold and rainy; Zaragoza is cold. I can't pop to various Spanish cities for a weekend without paying an arm and a leg anymore (I don't think you can understand how badly I want to just go somewhere - my year abroad's given me a terrible wanderlust). Rent is extortionate in England: I'm paying more for my room here than I did in Zaragoza - which is smaller and the building is a lot less pretty - and then on top of that, I have to pay bills. Brilliant. If we can just put Edge Hill in the centre of Zaragoza, then my life would be so much easier.

Anyway, I'll be trying to keep posting regularly (regularly definitely translates to intermittently in this case) however I won't give a specific timeframe as, let's face it, this has happened this time. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to harass me over the internet.
Let's do this again soon though, yeah?

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