I'm home!

I know, I know, I said I'd write this post the weekend I got back to England, but I didn't and I thoroughly apologise to all those who were anxiously waiting for it (hahaha - I'm such a laugh). Anyway, this post is going to describe the process - is a process? - of coming back from a year abroad. I'll be writing another one with an overview of my Erasmus experience soon, but not just yet because, well, I promised to write this one last month.

I triumphantly returned from Zaragoza on July 12th, landing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport; it was a wonderful flight, particular highlights were the 20-or-so Scouse schoolgirls who talked NONSTOP while we were waiting for the flight, and watching La Vida de Pi on the AVE with bacon-queso crisps that my dad decided he didn't like. To sum up the flight, twenty high-pitched Scouse accents are a bit grating when you haven't heard one for almost a year. 

I want to get out of England again already! 

A few days after that, I had to have an interview with some tutors from Edge Hill to tell them about my Erasmus experience, etc., and it's a part of my year abroad grade (I don't know if it's the same at other universities, so I'd check how you will be graded as you might not have to do it). In hindsight, I think I spoke too much during the interview, as I was in there for almost an hour and a half, and I really should have revised what I'd studied throughout the year - or at least taken my Kindle - as I was asked quite specific questions on what I'd read throughout the year, and different genres and time periods that I'd studied. Honestly, I couldn't remember a thing, I must have read about 20 different works of poetry and literature for just one class, let alone the 8 others. Ah well. I'm still waiting for my overall grade for the year (if it's not too terrible, I'll post it on here once I get it) but I think I was meant to receive it weeks ago, so I don't know what's happening there.

Oh! Also, in classic Edge Hill form, I got the second half of my Erasmus grant the other week, about 3 weeks after I'd finally returned home. I was originally told that only the last month's money would be kept back, so after suffering for the second half of the year on next to nothing and getting deeper and deeper into my overdraft, I've suddenly got a load of money I wasn't expecting. Thanks Edge Hill (I guess... maybe?)

I'm going to include a jump here, if you want to carry on reading, I'm going to start talking about my personal life (like, what I've been doing since I got home..). If that interests you, click the little thing, if it doesn't, no pasa nada, carry on down the page.