Exams: The Aftermath

I've just realised I haven't written anything in over a month, and of course I have to update you on the joyous month that was the exam period (and what I've done afterwards). 

Firstly, I passed every exam bar one. Ask me why I failed one when I got between 7 and 9s on all my other exams. Oh wait, I don't know. It was absolutely the worst because I don't know (and still don't know) why I failed, especially as I thought I'd bossed it because the questions were on the parts that I knew the best. Oh well, it's water under the bridge now. According to Edge Hill, they can arrange some sort of reassessment (?), in all fairness, I'm very confused about the whole thing and just actively try to forget it ever happened.

The classic mi ciudad picture

So! After exams! My lovely friend Mark came over for a week the day after my final exam, so the week involved sunbathing, lying in the sun, being tourists, tomando el sol, and quietly drinking. Oh and a really good/terrible film with Natalie Portman in. I collected him from the airport in Barcelona - any reason to spend the day in Barcelona - where we ate some food and sat in the sun near the sea, and then began the 4-hour bus journey home, where we sang Disney songs and a child threw up. That night we went out (and everyone left Zaragoza the next day), then spent the rest of the week in the park, or at Las Playas, and spent one day being tourists and looking around the Pilar and things. It was a top top week. 

Me and Mark having a right laugh in the castle

This week has been a bit more depressing, yet still been excellent. It's my last full day in Zaragoza today, so the week's had a bit of an end-of-an-era feel to it as I've been packing and trying to organise myself and things of that ilk, but obviously I've still been sunbathing and having a laugh in the pool and literally eating my weight, so it's been good. :) 

There's going to be a final 'this is what I thought of my year abroad' post coming to a computer screen near you before the end of this weekend, but I guess the next time we'll meet, I'll be back in England. How triste is that? Super triste. I'll leave you with the most appropriate song I can think of for my penultimate day in Spain, with Spanish translations, of course.

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