Bilbao y San Sebastián

Ok, so, being the traveller that I am, I went to Bilbao and San Sebastián a couple of weeks ago, and it WAS DEAD GOOD. Gather round, children, let me tell you what happened.

The day began much like any other: the sun was shining (because I live in Spain), the wind was blowing at a balmy -5ºc (because I live in Zaragoza), and it was the beginning of the puente (once again, because of Spain). I, of course, had overslept until about 10am, hadn't packed my suitcase, and the bus was leaving at 11:15am. So we got a taxi, ended up there early and stocked up on food (well, crisps), and then off we went!

Bilbao is in a really weird location. It's a city, but it's surrounded by mountains, and there's a river running through it, but because of that it isn't too much like a city, even though it really is. The area of Spain is sometimes called España Verde - Green Spain - and looks just like the English countryside. Except in Spain... Obviously.

This is the Río de Bilbao
Bilbao is home to the Guggenheim Museum, lots of nice buildings, a pretty big casco viejo, and some parks. It's the same as most other Spanish cities, except a bit greener. The Guggenheim was really good, their current exhibition - L'Art en Guerre - made me a bit sad, but it's still really good. Although I think the main attraction point is the actual building, as opposed to the art inside. Well, it was for me, but then again, I'm not the biggest art-lover (by that I mean that I didn't travel all the way to Bilbao just to look at art). But even so, go and have a look.

The Guggenheim Museum from across the river
Inside the Guggenheim

Tall Tree & The Eye - Anish Kapoor

Maman - Louise Bourgeois

Plaza Nueva in the Casco Viejo

Then, we went to San Sebastián and it's so so so so so so so excellent. When I say excellent, I don't mean that there's loads to do there, but it's one of the prettiest places I've ever been, and my new life goal is to live there. It's by the sea - a really clear sea - and it looks like France, but in Spain. Like, if you've ever been to France, you should know what I mean. Speaking of which, you could drive to France from San Sebastián in less than half an hour. There's a huge area for pintxos (like tapas, but Basque) and you can walk up Monte Urgull, which has an old lookout and you can see the coast. It's really nice. Go there, but only for a day, you might run out of things to do.

This is a building near the harbour/La Concha beach 

This is along the river, looking down towards the centre of town

One of the beaches, from halfway up Monte Urgull

This is the same beach - continuity, amirite?!

And this is me and Tom being a laugh. Awww...
Then, it was time to come home, so we boarded the bus back to Zaragoza (after Tom left the tickets in the room we were staying in and we all had a panic), and off we went. However, there was a proper rough looking guy on the bus, and, as he walked on, he hit a guy's plant on the seat opposite him - don't ask about the plant, I don't know why he had one on a seat. Anyway, we got about 2 hours into the journey, and these two guys started calling each other name that are too rude for this blog (they're not, I just can't remember what they said), and then plant guy stood up, walked across the bus, punched rough guy in the face and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. Everyone on the bus stood up to watch/shout '¡ayyyy, cuidado! ¡cuidado!'. I'd like to reiterate that we were on a bus at this point - a 4 hour bus journey - so the bus driver had to pull over on the motorway, and split them up. And then about 2 hours later, we arrived back in Zaragoza. Standard Spanish sojourn.

And that was Bilbao and San Sebastián - nothing really happened, but it was a really good weekend.