Marzo: lo que pasó

I hadn't realised it had been over a month since I wrote my blog. Normal service shall resume, don't worry. Anyway, I'm dedicating this post to what happened in March, just so you can all catch up. 

Sooo... During March, it was St Patrick's Day, which meant a day of drinking, or, in my case, a day of waking up late and finally going to meet everyone, then getting some food and realising that everyone else was insanely drunk, and so going home. Oops. It was still good, like, so can't complain! 

The following weekend (well, the following Thursday - Sunday), my parents came to visit! We went up the Pilar, which induced a bit of a panic attack in me and my mum (I think a fear of heights might be hereditary...), and ate absolutely loads of food. The Saturday they were here was the beginning of Semana Santa, which is the week leading up to Easter Sunday and involves parade after parade after parade. So, on the Saturday, we had lunch, went to Parque Grande, went to the Aljafería, and then got caught up in a parade. The parade was mental (for someone who isn't Spanish), they wear hats/face masks which I think are called capirotes - please correct me if I'm wrong because I honestly don't have a clue. Then!!! We went for tapas and had some very overpriced ham and eggs, so it was excellent.

This is the view from the top of the Pilar

Standard Spain...
Dad getting into the spirit of things

After they went home, it was just three days before the Easter holidays started, so it was a case of quickly handing in an essay and attempting to start doing the work I had to do over Easter (I did none of it, obviously). The next few days I cracked open one of the books I have to read - surprisingly good, thank Salman Rushdie - whilst going 'er... should we go to Valencia?', the answer to which is always 'yes'. So Valencia was booked and that was that. Also I went to see 'Oz', and it's dead good so you all definitely need to go and watch that too.

That's it. That's March. That's literally all I did in March. #wild
Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of 'Becca blunders around Spain' because I need to tell you about Valencia también.

If you're interested in what went down on the Saturday, my dad's made a video of it, which definitely features at least one terrible picture of me. I would have put it at the bottom of this post, but Google is a cruel mistress.

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