Two months of silence and this is all you get?!


Happy new year! 
We haven't seen each other for over two months - I hope I find you well and happy and full of good things, and that Christmas, New Year, and (of course!) November were fantastic.

Now for the updates - in PICTURES!! Oh yes. 

So. This is Barcelona in December. I know, right. I went there with a scarf on and was greeted with this. Zaragoza is always cold, so yeah.

And then this is me in front of the Sagrada Familia having a right laugh. 

I went to other places there too, but I think I took about 150 pictures and I'm hardly gonna put them all on this post (you'd be bored to death). So we'll move swiftly on to two weeks after this, when I went back to England for Christmas - and by that I mean, sweated my way across Barcelona again, with too much time to spare and a too big suitcase. Oops!

Christmas, this year, was a bit of a depressing/excellent time. Depressing (get ready... it gets emotional), because my tiny little dog died on Christmas Eve (don't say I didn't warn you about the depressing thing). She was really ill, and had an operation to find out what was up, and they discovered cancer and had to put her down. Subsequently, December 24th featured a rather melancholy troupe of Pollards going to the cinema to watch Skyfall. It was a surreal day to say the very least.

This is a picture of me and my dog having a chat when I got back for Christmas.

Christmas Day was cooooool though. We ate loads of food - of course - and did a Christmas Quiz which I'm pretty sure my Mum made up. It was weird, and me and Sarah (my sister - hellooooo!) lost anyway. On the Christmas note, I would share some truly wonderful pictures of my face from my tiny little sister's instagram, but I don't think I can because I'm not that technologically advanced. And the pictures are actually awful so I'm not going to. The ones that I can nab are on my mum's facebook and involve me and my sister in onesies - a sight I equally don't think you want to see.

After Christmas was, well, after Christmas. It involved me lying around on the couch for a few days, seeing my one true love, Mark for pizza and drinks (which I was not fully expecting) and far too many pictures taken on the tram ride home. And also a late-night viewing of the first episode of the new series of Miranda. SUCH FUN.

We make a beautiful pair <3
The day after this I went down to the Deepest, Darkest South* (of the UK) to see my good pal/boyfriend. Highlights include: walking up a hill; eating; looking a scaffolding surrounding a castle and a cathedral; walking back down a hill; eating; getting wet feet; buying new shoes; eating; getting sore feet from new shoes; walking up a hill; walking back down a hill; going to Pizza Express; and having a general laugh really. He then came back to Manchester and I made him stand in the rain as I shouted FEEL THAT?! DO YOU FEEL THE NORTH ON YOUR SKIN?! THAT'S THE NORTH, THAT. Not even joking, it rained everyday he was there. 
*the East

Then, it was time to go back to Spain, but not before seeing Clare and Emily (I'd include a picture, but no pictures were taken of our pizza-eating, shopping-doing, laugh-filled trip into Manchester). But it was excellent to see them and they're my #1 girlz 4evz IDST.

Anyway, now I'm back in the icy tundra that is Zaragoza. And it's exam season. And I'm stressed. I'll make a whole special post about how much I hate exams after next Monday. But it's taken three hours to write this as I'm a massive procrastinator.

Wish me luck!

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