Things I've Done, Things I Haven't Done, and Things I've Forgotten To Do

It's been almost a month. I don't know how you've managed to cope without my constant comments of 'well... not really done anything!', but I'm not here to disappoint you, oh no, for I have written another post, detailling exactly what I've been up to (and subsequently haven't done). Sit back, relax, and prepare yourselves for a feast of Spanish wonderment.


Well. Where to begin? To continue from my last post (the teaching part), I'm not just teaching one 12 year old, I now teach a brother and sister (12 and 10, respectively) and a 13 year old boy. My Monday nights have very swiftly become me trekking across an estate on the other side of Via Hispanidad and attempting to teach the past tense and think of interesting questions. I can't. Teaching's hard. It's put me right off it as a possible career, although that might be because it's just a conversation class and I can't be like 'Ok guys, we're going to be doing the Past Simple and Continuous' as they'd probably stare at me looking even more confused than normal. Even so, I've attempted to 'theme' the (well, two) classes: Halloween and Bonfire Night. Halloween was fine, as there's an equivalent in Spanish - witch is bruja, pumpkin is calabaza, and so on. Bonfire Night was a different kettle of fish, though, how do you explain the phrase 'hung, drawn, and quartered', 'treason', or 'plot'? I truly spent about 20 minutes out of an hour long lesson attempting to explain it. I couldn't do it, and the poor kids looked like they were about to cry. This week, however, was the past simple, which went alright I thought, so it's not all bad.

In other news, I have a horrendous class. We were doing poetry the other day, and the tutor (who is Spanish, but discussing an English poem) kind of didn't get it, I feel. The poem was about building barriers between two people - one of whom feels it's old-fashioned. The tutor was just constantly repeating 'but, look, they are becoming closer as neighbours!'. No, love, you've missed the point.

Oh, and I've started to have full conversations in Spanish, which is exciting, as when I came here I couldn't understand a word of the language, so that's super fun. I've also started to make small talk with the almost constant stream of old men coming in and out of my building - 'Raining again', 'Oh no! It's good I've got my umbrella!', 'You'll need it!', 'Hahaha!' - WILD!

Meanwhile, I've barely been out out, coz I'm always half ill, or have too much work, or something (I'm rubbish at this whole Erasmus thing). But there has been Halloween, which was an odd night - I was dressed as 'Grease Background Dancer #42', or something equally as uninspiring. Oh and we went out and I had to wear this classic top: 

I've done other stuff too, mostly eating, of course, but I can't remember what...

I'll leave it there as I don't want to bore you further. That, and I've been eating pick and mix whilst writing this and I've started to feel sick.

Hasta... la semana que viene (espero...)! 

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