Learning, Teaching, and Accidental Insomnia

As promised, I'm going to describe to you the exciting world of university, and by that I mean what I actually do with my day, when I'm not asleep or drinking PG Tips by the bucket.


You probably already know I'm at the Universidad de Zaragoza (any excuse to pretend I know Spanish words...) and I'm studying English - just English - for a year. If you didn't, I'm going to assume you're new here, because that's literally all I've banged on about for the past eleven posts. Either way, I have to read lots of books, to which I think I've developed some sort of aversion, and just sit and listen to people talk in depth about them. This semester, I'm doing North American Lit, Old English, The English Novel, and Literature and Cinema, so it's not all bad, not a lot of subjects. Old English though, is an absolute killer - I'm not even joking. The class only started properly this week and I've truly never been more confused/interested in anything ever, suffice it to say, you can't blag a language. 

In other uni news, I finally finally enrolled yesterday, so I'm an actual student in Spain. Not that it means I understand how to log on to anything, or do anything actually useful to my degree, but they know I'm here now. If it weren't for my lack of Spanish, I'd be rocking about on moodle, or writing this in the library by now, but no.

Oh God. I taught a poor, unsuspecting 12-year old English the other day. I hadn't a clue what I was doing at all. It was a right shambles. I just spent an hour going 'So... do you, er, play any instruments?', 'Do you like films?', 'Which films?', 'Oh, what's it about?'. It was absolutely shocking, but I'm going back next week, when I'm going to have an extra girl to teach, and then straight after, I'm going to teach their neighbours English too! I'm going to have to make lesson plans or something. I'd swear but I'm far too polite... 

Not Sleeping
I can only sleep for about two and a half hours - from 20:30 to about 23:00. Please send help.

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