The First Two Weeks: No Entiendo y No More Tequila

Hola! Long time no see!

I'll give you a basic run down of what's been going on in Zaragoza in list form, so I don't bore you like I did with my last post.

Somewhere near Barcelona from the sky!

Finding a flat
I've found a flat. I'm in it now and everything. It's been a bit awkward because we haven't had a completely finished kitchen, so I've been surviving off cheese sandwiches for ages. But the flat's really nice and my flatmates are lovely so yeah. Excellent.

I've eaten too much cheese recently and I've gone right off it.

Stood outside the local castle. Standard.

Learning Spanish
Well, I've been taking lessons, but I can't actually understand it. I've just been speaking Spanglish to Spanish people in a desperate attempt to make them understand me. They don't. I've only just managed to understand the women in the shops when they try to make me buy extra stuff.

Tequila y Cerveza
They're usually the cheapest drinks when you're out. You need to know this. I don't like either yet I feel like I've drank my weight in tequila since I've been here (but that may only be because it gives me terrible hangovers). And, unlike in England, they don't do offers on vodka and mixers. Bit awkward when that's your standard drink, but even so!

Harrassing People
You know how I'm Awkward McAwkwardson? (Yeah, I know, everyone does...) Well, I've had to socialise. Stop laughing. Stop laughing all of you - even you in the back - it's not funny. Well it is. But shush now. But yeah, the past week or so has just resulted in me standing awkwardly with different groups of people, and seeming very mean, as it seems sarcasm doesn't translate well. No one seems offended mind, but even so, it's a bit of a culture shock when you have to come across as an interesting person when you're really not.

I'll write more when I can find the energy/am not ill/it's earlier than midnight.
Hasta luego!

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