Let's Have A Quick Catch-Up


It's been a while, hasn't it? I know you've been missing out on my incessant ramblings (as though I think you care about what I say), but come, gather round, dear Internet, and let me tell you about what's gone on in the last 25 days. 

We'll begin with the fact that I'm no longer living in the social hub that is Ormskirk. I moved back home on the day of my last post, but obviously didn't let you know. I'm still WAITING FOR MY DEPOSIT BACK (written in capitals in case my old landlords happen to be reading this...), but returning back to mi familia is always good. I haven't cooked my own tea in weeks! The rest of that week was basically quick preparation for my holiday (we went to Devon and Cornwall on Saturday 7th for 2 weeks) and really had absolutely nothing to do with Spain. My logic was 'well... there's still nearly 2 months left'.
Upon returning from my holiday - complete with grazes on my arms from bodyboarding and an anklet with BELLS ON!!!!!! - I thought 'right, time to get fit, lose weight, get organised'. Unfortunately, Saturday 21st July (the day we came home) also happened to be my birthday, so the next two days were filled with constantly eating birthday cake and junk food, and then, of course, the birthday night out. I'd post a photo, but I don't want you to start to cry at the mass of terrible faces I pull. We don't need to know THAT much about each other. Yet.

The past few days have seen the Zaragoza prep pick up though. I've been looking for hotels for when I go out there (I'm looking for somewhere to live while I'm there as opposed to signing a contract before I've actually seen the places irl). I've found one which looks too good to be true: it looks proper horrible from the outside - on Google Maps - but inside, according to the hotel website, the room's look excellent and yeah. This hotel lark is muchos confusing.
In other news, I got an email today saying I'm defo on an intensive Spanish course, and I'll get more information on that sooon! I have absolutely no knowledge of Spanish/Spanish culture so I reckon this course is going to be a massive wake-up call... Oh well!

Oh, I believe the Olympics should get a mention. Did you see the Opening Ceremony? BEST. THING. EVER. If you aren't from the UK and you didn't understand what happened, you should know that it was potentially the most British thing I have ever seen in my life. I've never been more proud to be British.

I think that's all I've done recently, but expect my blogging to increase dramatically over the next few weeks because I move out there IN LESS THAN A MONTH AAAAAAAH!!!!

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