Zaragoza Preparations #1



I've been a busy bee guys and gals. A busy, busy bee.
I'm spending a year abroad at the Universidad de Zaragoza (pronounced tha-ra-go-tha - the 'th' is the same as in 'the') on the Erasmus scheme. I'm so excited and so so so scared. It's going to be excellent. However, there's a lot to do...

Firstly, there were all of the forms I had to fill in, which included sending my dad to the bank to find out what routing was for my Erasmus grant. Then there was actually choosing my modules (I chose 6 for my second year had I been staying in England; I had to choose 10 for Spain...) which took forever. After registering with the actual university though, I thought 'great, it's all plain sailing from here!' It hasn't been.
Trying to convince Student Finance (oh, you've had issues with them too? How surprising!) that I'm actually studying abroad took a letter from my university, which they processed 3 weeks later, and, literally earlier today, they replied with two letters: another form that the university needs to fill in and my final loan total. Two lessons have been learnt from this though: 1, Being an Erasmus student for a full academic year means no tuition fees! 2, Try to get everything sorted out as early as possible (I have done this to the best of my ability, but seriously?! I should be finished by now, working out what I should be taking with me!!)
There was also the matter of renewing my passport, my new photo is now me on a rather sweaty day in May with massive frizzy hair, but don't worry guys, I only have it for another 10 years of my life. Ten. Whole. Years. I've been advised by my uni to register it with the Foreign Office's Locate system, so they know where I am/in case I'm involved in a foreign incident. I've seen Eurotrip, I might end up causing an international crisis. I have an EHIC though, so that's one less thing to worry about.
Now, however I need to focus on this (almost) exhaustive list before I leave in September:
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Learning Spanish
  • Getting travel insurance (which covers things like skiing, or diving, etc. - you never know!)
  • Booking flights
These are exciting times, my friend, exciting times indeed.

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